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For 2017 Yeti makes :

Four models of the Switch Infinity full suspension bikes;

and the ultra light ASR-C full-suspension racer.

Women specific builds and paint schemes are available in the BETI series.

Currently the SB5 and ASR-C are available in the BETI series.


27.5 vs 29 wheels

The SB5 and SB6 are on the 27.5 wheel size.

The SB4.5 and SB5.5 are 29ers


Trail vs Enduro

The SB5 and the SB4.5 are trail bikes with 5" and 4.5"rear  suspension travel, and 150mm and 140mm fork travel.

The SB6 and the SB5.5 are Enduro bikes, with 6" and 5.5" rear suspension travel and both have 160mm fork travel.

Enduro bikes are a little heavier. 


Race vs Fun

Subjectively, the SB6 and the SB4.5 lean slightly more towards pure racing, while the SB5 and SB5.5 carry more of an element of versatility.


How to Choose your bike

For all models, Yeti now makes TWO versions:  the entry level CARBON series and top of the line TURQ series of frames. (Both are carbon fiber frame sets)

The CARBON series is only available as a complete bike, while the TURQ top of the line series is available both as frame-only, as well as complete builds.

The CARBON series carbon fiber frames are the same strength, but use more material to achieve that strength.

The TURQ top of the line series use the most advanced carbon fiber technology for ultimate lightness and strength.

The TURQ frames are 250-300 grams lighter than the CARBON series frames.


Pricing is standard as per Yeti Global website, translated to Singapore dollars. 

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Yeti Bukit Timah Build and Parts Service

We will supply you with any part you need and build up your complete Yeti bike.